Vertical Booking Engine

Vertical Booking offers a booking engine that is outstanding in terms of conversion, i.e. the percentage of visitors to a website that complete the reservations process.

High conversion rate on websiteFewer commissions to OTAsMore revenue

The Vertical Booking reservation interfaces achieve these results thanks to the following characteristics:

  1. Whatever the request in terms of dates, number of guests, etc., the system ALWAYS offers a bookable solution.
    • The calendar is ‘intelligent’ and shows the minimum price per day, bookable dates, the minimum length of stay allowed for certain dates, all in real time.
    • If the dates searched are unavailable, the system shows with surprising speed alternative dates for the same hotel. A customer can browse through the availability of several months in just a few seconds.
  2. The system is highly intuitive and easy to use for the person booking, and the graphics are modern and attractive. It is responsive, meaning that it automatically adapts the webpage to suit the device (desktop, tablet, different types of smartphone).
  3. The interfaces are highly customisable and integrate seamlessly with the property’s website, so that the ‘booking experience’ is in perfect harmony with the look and feel of the website.
  4. Thanks to Vertical Booking’s powerful and flexible engine, it can manage normal rates, special offers, events and packages.
  5. It includes innovative upselling tools that further contribute to increasing conversion rates

Vertical Booking Engine

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